Divided spaces

woensdag 03 oktober 2018

GLOW Eindhoven plaatste onderstaand bericht op hun website over de Foederer Talent Award winnaar en het project aan de hoofdroute van GLOW:

In the winning video projection the façade of the high building will be divided into four floors that each represents a student’s room.

The four floors are based on four elements of light not visible to the human eye. In turn, one of the four floors is zoomed in on, providing the public with an artistic view of the daily life of a student.

The jury praised the winning project for the clearly recognisable storyline, the technical executability and the fact that the 80-metre-high façade of the Student Hotel is to be so well integrated in the project. The artist duo has also been invited to each make an individual project for the following edition of GLOW in 2019.

Stichting Foederer Talentenfonds, a Crowe Foederer initiative, organises the annual Foederer Talent Award in collaboration with GLOW Eindhoven. A competition for up-and-coming talent in the world of art and technology.

Link: Divided spaces